The essence of El Ganso

This is our declaration of intent: to design clothes, footwear and accessories to reflect more than fashion itself.

To reflect the individuality of each person when dressing.

We are committed to diversity; to a multi-cultural, heterogeneous society that respects the environment.

These values are inherent to our products, offering quality and an alternative touch at a price you can afford.

Our standards are achieved using first class materials and rigorous controls in terms of quality and production. This is possible due to the majority of our products being manufactured within factories by suppliers who share our goals.

Our commitment to the environment drives us to find suppliers who think about the fabrics they use, as is the case with our trainers, which are produced using biodegradable, low-polluting materials.

By opening our own shops, we aim to provide a better, even more personal service. Your thoughts and ideas help us to continuously improve.

You know where to look for us and how to find us: www.

The confidence and trust you place in El Ganso and what we stand for help us to continue growing.