The new street style trend

You have asked yourselves many times what the sneakers hanging on the power lines, trees or streetlights mean, right?

It is said to have originated in the slums of large cities in the US and that it is known as shoe tossing. But its true meaning remains unknown...

There are many urban legends about this action and all of them are very interesting.

I will give you some examples:

  • To mark a territory controlled by a gang.
  • To indicate that drugs are sold close to where the sneaker is hung.
  • To warn that there has been a police shooting.
  • A remembrance of sporting moments by a nearby sports facility.
  • The end of military service...

But the current reality is that shoe tossing is an artistic expression of rebellion and nonconformity by young people and this artistic expression is called shoefiti.

And that expression is the one that El Ganso sees in its new URBAN sneakers.

If you still don’t know about them, look out for them. Very soon we will post the URBAN sneakers on the networks!

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