New concept store

Discover our new concept store

Do you remember the garage at your parents’ house? We have redesigned our store concept to reflect that space where you stored your most valuable things and where you imagined what you were going to be today: a non-conformist who shows it through the clothes you wear.

At El Ganso, we believe that creativity means rearranging existing elements. Old paintings, classic posters, a TV that does not work, the old sofa, the surfboard from your university summers, the skis from your winters with friends...Everything is used to decorate your territory at your parent’s house.

In this space, you gather all the things that you fondly save and that create a collection of your experiences. You refuse to part with them even though they are no longer useful. You reinvent yourself and discover their new use. Antique furniture makes a strong comeback to hold your clothes, antique trunks where you put your key looks... In your garage, gadgets and antiques are valuable again.

Don’t forget to hang up your classic bike, to put up the traffic signs that you do not remember how they got to you, and to reuse the old suitcases you inherited. They cannot be used for travelling, but they can be used to store your objects and accessories that distinguish you.

The walls are also part of the fun. We paint the stores with our corporate colours, a deep blue, a red and a white inspired by ordinary garages.

Discover our new concept at Fuencarral 20 in Madrid and very soon at the store in your city.