Have you ever wondered how unassuming sports travel so far?

The desire to keep something alive that you believe in and fight for is the key that keeps them alert and often helps them achieve ambitious goals…

This defines both hockey and El Ganso.

Like the inspiration for El Ganso’s designs, field hockey emerged predominantly on British soil, although it is not only the aesthetic that unites them, but the intrinsic values in their DNA.

The true meaning of raison d’être.

That’s why ElGanso&Hockey have come together, because it was meant to be…

Common values:

  • The daily effort to be better.
  • Attention to detail makes them a cut above, passion moves them, and they play with elegance.
  • Class and distinction unites them.
  • They believe that the best way to win is through teamwork.

All of these values are embodied in a slogan that will serve them as they travel this long road together…