El Ganso

It has been 10 whole years since the opening of a unique store in the very heart of Madrid. Under the name of El Ganso, it offered fun, elegant clothing for non-conformists in search of a different style.

This is how El Ganso was born: a family business that, from the very beginning, has focused on growth based on values such as hard work, perseverance and attention to detail, involving team members and collaborators in a group project whose spirit has lasted until today.

The character and personality of El Ganso’s sneakers with their colours, checks and stripes have quickly carved out a niche for themselves in the streets of Madrid, which has expanded to the other cities and products as well. Very soon, the brand’s particular attention to detail became a symbol of identity for people who are unpretentiously looking for something “more”.



The El Ganso style is composed of a cosmopolitan look tinged with Spanish colours and ranges from preppy American looks to the more alternative Berlin style, via a touch of English elegance.

Its signature, classic and cheeky, has become the main emblem of the brand, an inspiration that can be observed in the optimism of its garments, footwear and accessories. The originality and strength of its designs can be easily recognized in the taste for details and fabrics.

Every collection is designed and manufactured 100% within Europe from local raw materials in accordance with the company’s main priorities of design, quality and innovation.



Since its beginnings in 2004, El Ganso has 159 points of sale distributed throughout 10 countries, including France, Portugal, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Chile, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are part of the DNA of the brand and of its partner, L Catterton, which became involved in 2015: a sign of an exciting future for both parties and an increased international presence.